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Start Right, Grow Now


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Course Description: If you want to succeed in any endeavor particularly in ministry, business, marriage, and life in general, you must get it right from the starting block. Start Right and you can have an expectation of a great future. Start wrong and you can be sure of a stormy sea ahead of your adventure. The Foundation is crucial. If just one leg of the stool is damaged or destroyed, the stool will not stand properly. The objective of the Seminar is to equip new and future Pastors, Ministers and members of Board of Trustees, Cell group leaders, church workers to be effective in starting and running a church, Cell group, Ministry, business or an organization. The lessons will give practical insight on an array of subjects from the essentials of Church Planting to Church Administration, long-term strategy of growing the churches and ministries, keeping the finances healthy, and staying compliant with the Law


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Effective and Efficient leadership is undoubtedly one of the greatest areas of need in the church today. The 21st century church is also contending at a slower pace with a rapidly changing post-modern culture.

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