The objective of the RunChurch Seminar is to equip new and future Parish Pastors, Ministers and members of Board of Trustees to be effective in starting and running a church, Cell group and Ministry. The lessons will give practical insight on an array of subjects from the essentials of Church Planting to Church Administration, long-term strategy of growing the churches and ministries, keeping the finances healthy and staying compliant with the Law.. The RunChurch Seminar is in 2 Levels: Level 1 is the Basic and Level 2 is the Advanced. Each of the 2 Levels shall be an intensive one-day seminar focusing comprehensively on leadership techniques required to achieve the best of individual, team and corporate performance in church management. From the smallest to the largest churches, keeping the church leadership informed and equipped is the easiest, cheapest and most effective way of increasing the success of running a healthy church.  Improving the leaders' capacity means a change in the way leaders, ministers and pastors think, work and communicate  not within one department or ministry, but across them all.

The Seminar will be valuable  for members of Board of Trustees, Leadership Council members of churches and anyone who is currently in ministry or for anyone who aspires to be in ministry. The seminar will be relevant to preachers in all phases of ministry and will offer practical, real-life lessons that can be applied in each individual's churches, cell groups, mission fields and ministries. These lessons will bring encouragement and a hands-on knowledge of the scenarios that ministers face while trying to plant, start and run a church or ministry. It is therefore a must for members of Board of Trustees, Heads of Departments in churches, Ministry Leaders, Ordained Ministers, Deacons, Assistant Pastors, new parish pastors, and any Pastor who needs more skills for increased efficiency.

SNAPSHOT OF TRAINING CURRICULUM - The Training Curriculum for the RunChurch Seminar has four (4) modules comprising the essentials of Church planting and Start Up, Cash flow & Treasury Management, Basic Financial Planning and Fundamentals of Church Administration including all Legal and Compliance issues. The Seminar shall explore practices that unlock and enhance CHURCH MANAGEMENT CORE VALUES with practical techniques, tips and strategies to transform the way ministers relate, communicate, and work with people for good.

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